Shaheed Nandkumar Patel Vishwavidyalaya,Raigarh - Shaheed Nandkumar Patel Vishwavidyalaya,Raigarh

Objectives of the MoU

2. Purpose

2.1 The purpose of this MEMORENDUM OF UNDERSTANDING is to promote international agreement, scholarly collaboration, cultural interaction and friendship by supporting educational, professional and cultural activities among faculty and students of the two institutions. Accordingly, the areas of cooperation will include, subject to mutual consent, any programme offered at their institution as felt desirable and feasible on either side and that both sides will contribute to the fostering and development of the cooperative relationship between the two institution.
Specific areas of cooperation between the two institutions, subject to the availability of funds and the approval of SNPV and PSSOU, include, but not limited to the following:

  1. Exchange of faculty members;
  2. Joint research activities;
  3. Exchange for promotion of Inter-disciplinary research;
  4. Participation in seminars and academic meetings;
  5. Developing and executing special academic programmes; and
  6. Joint consultancies.
  7. Organizing joint conferences/seminars/workshops
  8. Exchange of academic materials and other information.
  9. Exchange of resources for academic purpose.
  10. Access of Library to the Learners of academic institutions.

2.2 A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU’s) shall be developed for specific agreements based on the mutually agreed upon objectives and outcomes, at any time, but require the signatures of both Registrar of the university and Principal of the college.

2.3 The purpose of this MEMORENDUM OF UNDERSTANDING is to outline an academic and management framework between the two parties, designed to promote internationalization at both institutions. The parties do not intend to be legally bound to each other, and this MEMORENDUM OF UNDERSTANDING does not impose legal obligations on either party.