Shaheed Nandkumar Patel Vishwavidyalaya,Raigarh - Shaheed Nandkumar Patel Vishwavidyalaya,Raigarh


  • A Rector shall be appointed by the Executive Council on the recommendation of the Kulapati. If the Executive Council does not accept the recommendation of the Kulapati, the matter shall be referred to the Kuladhipati whose decision thereon shall be final.
  • The Rector shall be a salaried officer of the University.
  • Subject to the provisions of this Act, the term of office, conditions of service and emoluments of the Rector shall be such as may be prescribed by Statutes and till so prescribed, as may be determined by the Kuladhipati.
  • The Rector shall perform such duties and exercise such powers of Kulapati as may be assigned to him by the Kuladhipati in consultation with the Kulapati and he shall perform such other duties and exercise such powers as may be prescribed by Regulations.